Agaete Puerto de las Nieves

Agaete Puerto de las Nieves, Gran Canaria Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Gran Canaria: Agaete Puerto de las Nieves.
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photograph of Agaete Puerto de las NievesDon't do what we did.

We went all the way to Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves, to see the Dedo de Dios (Finger of God), without reading the literature first.

It isn't there. Agaete is. Puerto de las Nieves is. The Finger of God has gone. Strangely enough, it was an Act of God (Hurricane Delta, 2005), which destroyed it.

Never mind, the rest of the place was definitely worth a visit. The valley of Agaete is lush and fertile. Most of it is covered with huge, polythene greenhouses, where tomatoes and bananas are grown. The town is quite pretty and looks prosperous, with white washed houses and many art galleries.

Along the harbour of Puerto de las Nieves, we found a string of attractive fish restaurants, where we enjoyed a delicious leisurely lunch in the afternoon sun. Lovely.

It is from here that the ferry sails to Tenerife. Apparently, the journey only takes 60 minutes.

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Map of Gran Canaria showing the location of Agaete Puerto de las Nieves at Latitude 28.10120 / Longitude -15.71140.
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