Viewpoint on the road to Fataga

Viewpoint on the road to Fataga, Gran Canaria Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Gran Canaria: Viewpoint on the road to Fataga.
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photograph of Viewpoint on the road to FatagaIf you look on one of those maps the car hire people give you, you will see that the road to Fataga is fairly straight. It isn't. It is a series of interesting hairpin bends, negotiating steep mountain sides amongst the most beautiful, breathtaking scenery. Interest is added by trying to pass, on these twisting near-vertical climbs, the hordes of cyclists who seem to take some form of enjoyment from cycling up mountains. They are slightly trickier to pass on the way down though.

Fataga is a delightful little village, about half an hourŐs drive away from the southern coast, on the way up into the mountains. The area is known as the Valley of a Thousand Palms and further down this valley, you can take a camel ride at the Barranco de Fataga.

Fataga is beautiful. A mixture of whitewashed cottages, a few, small gift and craft shops and a lovely little church, all perch on the mountainside.

We stopped here for one of the best coffees on the island, served by the happiest woman, who sang on her way to serving us and charged us a pittance. We sat on the balcony, at the back of her restaurant in the sun, gazing at a dazzling panorama of mountain views.

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Map of Gran Canaria showing the location of Viewpoint on the road to Fataga at Latitude 27.90704 / Longitude -15.56902.
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